Are your family members and supplies safe in a crisis?

When catastrophe strikes and the power is out, do you have quick access to basic backup power? When a storm is bearing down and the roads are blocked with traffic do you have a safe place to ride things out? If the unthinkable happens and a nuclear, biological or chemical weapon detonates nearby do you have a safe, filtered place to live until the threat passes? Can you communicate if internet, cell phones, local radio and TV broadcasting services are all down?

Recent natural disasters and local crises have caused havoc by halting even a few of these conveniences and even larger threats are looming on the horizon. No one knows when the big one will hitwhether that means hurricane, earthquake or war.

This do-it-yourself guide will help you plan, construct and outfit a high security shelter within your own house. It includes plans, details and source information for these aspects of your shelter:

High security rooms, doors and locks

Fire-resistant barriers and materials

Hardened reinforced structure

Dense materials for radiation protection

Backup electrical power

Filtered air systems

EMP and surge protection

Tunnels and emergency escape routes

Concealment strategies

Recommended equipment

Water storage

Plumbing and electrical systems

Resources for products and suppliers

Barter and stockpile lists

Previous editions of this book were released under the title How to Implement a High Security Shelter in the Home. You can purchase an electronic copy (pdf) of the 3rd Edition (see link above) at half price by sending $12 via Paypal to Mr. Skousen's email address, formed by his first name, Joel, at Mention in the comments section what you are ordering.

Learn more about securing your entire home in Joel's book "The Secure Home." If you already own The High Security Shelter or The Secure Home, check out the on-line update for the Recommended Products and Services.