The High Security Shelter

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Announcing the New 5th Edition!

This latest edition of our do-it-yourself guide includes improved plans and instructions and updated resources to help you plan out, build and outfit a high security shelter or fortified closet within your existing house

Are your family members and supplies safe in a crisis?

Decades of peace and prosperity have lulled millions of Americans to build homes with only basic protections against adverse weather and mild burglary. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and periods of social unrest have destroyed this facade of easy living and left thousands of homes devastated, and their owners and families without simple comforts or a safe place to ride out the event.

Now there are warnings that even bigger threats are looming on the horizon as superpowers build up armies, navies and nuclear weapons. Already the ambitions of Russia and China are being felt on neighboring countries. Americans are very unprepared for the effects of war, radioactivity, long periods without utilities or modern communications, and the ensuing social unrest. But you don't have to leave yourself unprepared.


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This book explains how to implement all of the most important aspects of a shelter or safe room, including:

Plans and layouts to fit a variety of houses

High security doors and locks

Fire-resistant barriers and materials

Hardened reinforced structure

Dense materials for radiation protection

Backup electrical power

Filtered air systems

EMP and surge protection

Tunnels and emergency escape routes

Concealment strategies

Recommended equipment

Water storage

Plumbing and electrical systems

Resources for products and suppliers

Barter and stockpile lists

This volume contains detailed instructions for building a do-it-yourself safe room within the walls of an existing house, preferably in a basement. For information on adding a shelter during new construction or remodel we refer you to our companion publication "The Secure Home." If you already own The High Security Shelter or The Secure Home, check out the on-line update for the Recommended Products and Services.

Previous editions of this book were released under the title How to Implement a High Security Shelter in the Home.

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