The Still Small Voice of Conscience

One of our biggest problems today in raising a new generation of honest, productive and patriotic citizens is the overwhelming influence of biased leftist instruction in public schools and universities, coupled with the evil and amoral influences that abound on television, social media and peer interaction. This essay on the Still Small Voice of Conscience is designed to help parents improve their own understanding of the workings of conscience, and to teach it to their children, and grandchildren so they can all learn to be self-correcting and resistant to the bad ideas and temptations that surround us.

As we ask ourselves, "what can we do about the downward spiral of bad ideas and immorality plaguing our society," there aren't many workable solutions. I don't have any more faith in the democratic process after the stolen election, nor even in the majority of churches that have also succumbed to political correctness and rarely take a stand anymore on the core issues that are causing this precipitous decline in morality and enlightenment in America. Religion is supposed to provide answers and a path to change but most young adults are not interested in religion anymore. And even those who do attend church and consider themselves religious still violate a lot of the personal promptings that come to them---thinking they are free to do most anything that isn't illegal or against the direct commandments.

But that's not really true. We need to pay much more attention to the little personal warnings and promptings that come to us and our children if we are going to raise up a new generation worthy of the blessings of continued liberty. And if we can't turn around a majority of people, which is unlikely given their downward moral trajectory, at least we must be prepared to raise up a remnant of righteous people willing to stand together and resist what is coming.

I believe that answer to overcoming our own weaknesses and helping our children become strong and resistant to the wiles of bad ideas, temptations and philosophy is to re-sensitize their minds to the workings of their own conscience. They need to understand as well that Satan can also influence the mind even though it may sound like you talking to yourself. That's what this essay I've written is all about. You may think you know all about conscience if you are a good person, but I think you'll find I've discovered a lot of nuances that everyone can learn from.

I'm presenting it free for all who want to read it, so feel free to pass along the link below to anyone you know who might be interested. Young parents who want to raise good children that are self-directed and self-controlled can especially benefit from this essay. Awakening our minds and those of our children to the still small voice of conscience is probably the most important lesson anyone can learn in life and is the real key to happiness.

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