Campaign Talking Points

7 Talking Points

  1. We are at a crisis point in US politics. The Republicans are paralyzed despite their bare majority, and are facing constant disunity between RINO Republicans (who often side with Democrats) and the minority of hardline conservatives who are sincere but currently powerless to accomplish real change. What legislation the GOP does pass that actually solves problems is always blocked by Democratic control in the Senate, or Biden's veto (if it ever gets that far).
  2. We support all the constitutional limited government solutions to our current problems, including: halting all illegal immigration and drugs coming into the US, ending inflation by cutting off the Federal Reserve's power to create unbacked money, halting deficit spending; protecting the lives of the unborn, stopping globalist wars of intervention, returning to sound energy policy including oil, coal and natural gas, and restoring the strict limitations of the constitution on government spending, redistribution of wealth and taxation.
  3. None of these solutions can be enacted by Congress as both major political parties are under the control, coercion or falsified intelligence of the Deep State. Even the Republican Party is controlled at the top levels by the Deep State, either by blackmail, financial inducements, or direct collusion in globalist goals. Though that penetration may not be as complete as in the Democratic Party, it is sufficient to make sure that continued Congressional paralysis cannot be overcome. This ensures that the nation's downward economic and moral decline will not be halted by the Republican Party. America needs a change in leadership.
  4. Even more dangerous to our Republic is the loss of our ability to have honest elections in which to remove bad leaders and select new and honest men and women to replace them. Because of nearly universal mail in ballots, counted by computers connected to the internet, the results can be manipulated at will, and in ways that can no longer be detected. Since these flawed voting systems are still in place, we believe the coming election will be stolen from Donald Trump, as it was in 2020. This will be less obvious than before because the vote will be split between Biden, RFK jr, and Trump, making it easier to claim Trump lost voters to Kennedy.
  5. In the aftermath of another potential Democrat victory in November, the invasion at the border will continue, and even more Leftist judges will be confirmed by the Senate. This will further weaponize the law against traditional Americans with family values. Inflation will continue to devastate our savings and "woke" administrative policies will continue to push the LBGTQ agenda upon dissenting citizens including parents, even in red states.
  6. It is increasingly likely that in the failed upcoming election and continued national crisis, which will likely include another World War, Americans will finally be open to considering an alternative party. That party must be uncompromising in pursuing the full range of American values and positions. Its leaders must understand the conspiring and corrupt elites' history behind globalism and its Deep State enforcers sufficient to know how to expose and eradicate the Deep State which continues to thwart the will of the American people who want change in this country.
  7. No one like Donald Trump can claim to "drain the swamp" unless they know the detailed history of government illegal acts which are all hidden behind the veil of National Security. Only by knowing who was involved in the coverups can one know who is Deep State and who isn't. The presidential team of Joel Skousen and Rik Combs has the experience with and knowledge of the secret acts of government to prosecute Deep State actors within government, difficult as that may be given their control over intelligence and the courts. With our combined political and military experience, we can also fulfill our nation's future leadership responsibilities in defense with the help of divine providence.

  8. We are grateful that the Constitution and Independent American Parties in a growing number of states are willing to support our leadership team, and humbly ask that you encourage everyone to hear our message for America.