The World Affairs Briefs attempt to track where the powerful forces that control both political parties and the federal government are taking us. I will not attempt to be your primary news source--but rather, your best source of news analysis, concentrating on information the mainstream media purposefully omits. My purpose is to help you see how world and national events are shaping up in accordance with the secret agendas of men and groups who control government. I don't pretend to be an insider. Nobody who really is on the inside would be honest enough to tell you the truth anyway. What I am good at is putting together the probable set of intentions and motives of the power elite by inductively cataloging their specific actions over time and deriving predictions about what they intend to do next.

I try my best to get details from first hand sources, and secondary sources which can be corroborated by other trends and sound analysis. Sometimes I will make judgement calls based upon gut feelings or suspicions--but I'll tell you that it is only my opinion.

On the last issue of every year I do a special "Big Picture" issue where I concentrate on describing where we stand relative to the Power's That Be overall agenda and how much deeper we are digressing into that agenda. I describe long-term trends and strategies for coping with our declining liberty and economy.

Ultimately, I intend these briefings to also serve as a early warning service to subscribers of upcoming dangers or events (just as war) as I see them. While no one can completely predict the intents of conspiring men, there are always signs of impending man-made disasters, and I hope to be able to warn people sufficiently in advance to take evasive action.

The brief is available online or by email to subscribers only. I know it rankles some people that someone charges for their services in this day when so much is free on the internet. Yet, it is only fair that someone should be compensated for their efforts on your behalf. My purpose is not to make a lot of money on this briefing service. That is why the price is low. I really want to get as many people informed about the treachery going on in world government as possible. I also want to help build an intelligent network of people for the ultimate defense of liberty--so I encourage my subscribers to help serve as my eyes and ears to the world. I have as much traffic coming from my subscribers as I send out to them.

All subscribers have access to the entire on-line archive of past briefs going back to 1998. This archive is searchable for your convenience in looking up past issues of interest.

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