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My purpose in this brief is to summarize the facts which lead me to believe that despite the apparent demise of the Soviet Union, the Russians are still planning a preemptive nuclear strike upon the USA and Britain.  The evidence is quite compelling that the so-called fall of Communism was a carefully crafted fraud in order to increase Western aid and trade, as well as accelerate Western disarmament.  KGB defector Anatoli Golitsyn confirm this in his book New Lies For Old, but there is much specific and current evidence as well.  Here is the evidence in brief:



First, at least two heads of Communist states in Europe (Erik Honeker and Nicolai Ceausescu) said prior to their deaths that the Russians had ordered them to step down, as if in response to public fervor.  One did and lived and the other refused and was killed by the secret police.  Second, the failed “coup” against Russian dictator Gorbachev was an obvious fraud set up for Western consumption.  Anyone who believes the KGB was that bungling hasn’t studied modern Russian history.  When the supposed heads of the KGB, GRU, Defense Minister and other top leaders “fled”, we might well ask, who were they fleeing from?  These men were supposedly in control of all the organs of power.  Either they really were the heads and were faking it, or they were not and were eliminated to further the ruse.  I believe the latter.  All of these top men, including Gorbachev were only mid level bureaucrats 2 years before.  How do we explain their sudden rise to power, except that others selected them..  And if other hidden leaders selected them, then those secret leaders are the real power today.  Everything else that gives the appearance of Russian democracy is just window dressing for Western consumption.


In my opinion, the Communist leaders are still in charge behind the scenes.  Most of them are now referred to as the Russian Mafia, but if you look closely at their backgrounds, these “Mafia” chiefs were all top Communist leaders in some part of the former Soviet leadership.   Virtually all of the top leaders stay behind the scenes and rarely take key government positions--just as in the West where powerful leaders direct affairs from behind the scenes.   How can all this be when everything the media shows about Russia depicts a devastated economy and a dilapidated and mutinous military?  Only the civilian economy is truly in shambles.  The top secret military economy is in full production.  The older, out-dated aspects of the Russian military complex are on display only to further the deception, for propaganda purposes.  The Russians are clearly implementing Sun Tzu’s classic war doctrine of “feigning weakness” prior to a strike. 


It is my concerted opinion that the Russians do not want to begin the next war with a conventional flow of armament and troop build-ups.  All these movements would be easily detected.   I believe they are planning a preemptive nuclear strike on US and British military targets sometime in the middle of this new decade--precisely because such a strike would not be detectable until too late.  I don’t think it is imminent even with the saber rattling over Kosovo.  To be dragged into a conventional military confrontation would undo all Russia’s plans at feigning weakness.  All of the key indicators I see point to the Russians holding back until they are fully  ready.  You must understand that the Russians are inherently suspicious of US disarmament.  They think the US must be cheating just like they are.  Criminal minds think alike.   But I don’t think their new weapon systems will be ready until 2004 at the earliest.  Here are the key pieces of the puzzle to keep in mind--and they all point conclusively to a future war.  


1.         Despite feigning weakness, the Russians are building tremendous new nuclear/biological and chemical weapons systems--all with the assistance of US technology transfers.  They are deploying on average, 3 new Topol-M 6th generation ballistic missiles per month.  We built our last MX over 10 years ago, and are disarming unilaterally.  Further, the Russian are building huge underground nuclear bunkers and weapons production facilities in the Ural Mountains, clearly intended to function during a nuclear war.  The US intelligence community (under both Republican and Democratic administrations) knows this and are actively covering for the Russians, so the American people won’t become alarmed.  I will attempt to explain this US perfidy later on.

2.        Both Republican and Democratic administrations have been supplying the Chinese with high technology weapons systems for years, knowing that they, in turn, are supplying other enemies (Iran, Iraq, India, North Korea) as well.   Both Russia and China continue to protest against any US anti-ballistic missile system, even though such systems are purely defensive.  It doesn’t take a genius to understand that ABM systems only threaten someone who intends to launch ballistic missiles someday.  In China’s case, I believe they are at least 10 years away from the ability to launch a war for world domination, and thus may only use the nuclear option to threaten the US so we do not interfere when they invade Taiwan. 

3.        President Clinton directed our military in PDD-60 to absorb a nuclear first strike rather than “launch on warning” (our only true deterrent to a first strike) and to prepare to “retaliate” afterward.  Retaliate with what?  I ask.  That first strike will take down all command and control, all bombers (since none are on alert), most missiles, and all satellite and submarine communications.  This isn’t just suicide, it is treason, and very purposeful at that.

4.        The NWO leaders intend to make sure all our people are left unprotected from missile attack.  I think they know something about Russian intentions they aren’t telling.  Don’t believe the politicians who claim that the proposed anti-ballistic missile system will protect America.  Any Anti-ballistic missile system the US builds is “dumbed down” on purpose and won’t stop but a handful of missiles.  The THAAD system has failed its 5 out of 6 test firings.  Its no wonder. It uses no explosive warhead,  radar range has been decreased, computer tracking has been slowed, and satellite targeting and directing capabilities have been removed.  This has been our on going policy in both the Bush and Clinton administrations--so don’t think the Republicans will turn anything around.  We will get only rhetoric, not action.  These globalists want to make sure we are vulnerable to the coming attack.  Want more proof?  Why did Clinton instruct Sec. of State Albright to send a secret message to both the Russian and Chinese embassies telling them that the Clinton Administration has no intention of deploying an ABM system, even after Clinton signed on to the proposal?  Why does Clinton reluctantly accede to an ABM system and then keep saying “no ABM deployment until after 2005?”   Why not as soon as possible?  Simple--they know the Russians are planning to strike in that time period and want to make sure we have no defense that may deter such a strike.


Why would both the globalists and the Russians want to take down the USA--the biggest engine of prosperity in the world?   Here is what I believe:  Globalists cannot induce the nations of the world to give up national sovereignty and establish a one world government unless there is a horrible war of despair.  A nuclear war started by the Russians could be blamed on “nationalistic” pride and be used as an excuse to relegate nations to mere “states” under the UN.  Secondly, they can’t get to world government as long as the smaller nations of the world sit back and let the USA play policeman of the world.  Europe and Japan won’t lift more than one or two fingers to help as long as the US military is around to pay the bills and provide the muscle.  But if the US military were destroyed in nuclear first strike, smaller nations have no choice but to join forces in a world army if they want to survive.   I think the NWO leaders will know when this strike is coming and will be safely hidden in the 40 plus special bunkers prepared around the country--at taxpayer expense.  They will then emerge and claim, “the Russians deceived us” and rally the world to fight against the Russian menace.


As for the Russians, their motive is not only to remove the only viable military threat to Soviet expansion, and world hegemony, but to blackmail Europe into submission without a fight. Communism always needs an economic source of prosperity to feed upon, so they don’t want to destroy Europe if they don’t have to.  But what the Russians also don’t expect is that their Chinese “allies” may well intend to betray them in the next war.  This is my opinion, drawing upon a similar parallel in WW II where Russia set Hitler loose on the world with a “non aggression” pact and then betrayed him in a secret deal with the West to gain military aid from the West.  China will mostly likely begin as an ally of Russia, and then turn on Russia sometime during the war.  In return for joining with the West, China will be allowed to take Taiwan, just as the West agreed to give Russia Eastern Europe in the spoils of war.  So after WWIII, China will be the new Russia and super power competing with the West for world domination.  This Chinese threat will only further justify the globalist’s demand after the war that the UN world army must not be disarmed. This permanent UN police power will ensure that all nation-states (no longer sovereign) comply with a complete economic control system, that will attempt to exclude all those who will not give allegiance to the UN.


Most Americans are too naive to believe that any leader of this country would knowingly set us up for destruction. That’s because they don’t understand how evil men conspire for power and world domination.  It has happened numerous times before in history in Germany, Russia, and China--but Americans are still too blind to believe it even as it unfolds in their own day and time.  If you want hard proof of conspiracy within this country, read Rodney Stich’s book DRUGGING AMERICA or DEFRAUDING AMERICA--evidence from multiple federal whistleblowers about what’s going on inside the dark side of government. (You can get a copy by calling 1-800- 247-7389


How does Kosovo fit into all this?   Saving a part of the world from ethnic cleansing was only a ruse.  There are millions being starved and killed right now in Chechnya and Africa who get no attention from these phony humanitarians.  Globalists like Tony Blair (PM of Britain) and Bill Clinton have admitted that Kosovo represents a new strategic concept for Nato--rather than being only a defensive treaty organization, Nato is to become an intervenor in world affairs.  The result has been almost instantaneous hatred for the West and especially the US by a good portion of the world.  To make the West appear as the aggressor is the final piece of the war puzzle needed to help the Russians develop the rational for carrying out their nuclear first strike.   That is why you will never see the Gulf conflict or the Balkans conflict fully resolved.  These are festering sores meant to justify more and more intervention until the Russian strike comes.  WAB will keep you posted on how this scenario plays out.  In the meantime, get informed and get prepared for this future war.

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