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Posting Guidlines 2   May 07 - 03:30 pm
  Posting Guidlines for the Forums
The Secure Home (FAQ) 461   December 18 - 05:44 pm
  This forum is for customers who have specific questions about the book The Secure Home and would like Joel to address them.
Strategic Relocation 782   August 31 - 12:49 pm
  This forum is for people who would like to share their experiences where they live as they pertain to Strategic Relocation.
World Affairs Brief 1856   January 14 - 05:57 pm
  This is a private forum for subscribers of Joel's World Affairs Brief. For subscriber access use the password you were given to access the weekly briefs.
Foundations Of The Ideal State 688   March 01 - 08:36 pm
  Discussions about the foundations of the ideal state. What do you think would be important if you could design a new government? Joel will be using this forum to help with a new book.
Research Archives 566   January 21 - 11:16 pm
  This is a public forum for sharing research sources.

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